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Thursday, January 24, 2013

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We spent our last day in Florida at Animal Kingdom.  Ryan and James both (unintentionally) wore t-shirts that they brought home as souvenirs from different trips to Tanzania (Meaning:  They took separate trips to Tanzania where they each purchased a t-shirt featuring safari animals and then both wore their t-shirts on the same day).  Neither gave any forethought to the fact that he would be wearing an African t-shirt on “safari”…in Disney World.

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Animal-Kingdom-Safari-Boys-WHATCH 650

My brother is our resident animal expert.  When he was in Tanzania at Serengeti National Park, he spotted a Serval cat.  If you’ve ever been on safari, you know that it’s nearly impossible to spot cats, let alone a cat that looks like a larger version of a domesticated house cat.  I’ve never even heard of a Serval cat, but James had and he pointed it out to the driver who responded by saying that he had only ever seen two or three in the wild.

Disney-World-Animal-Kingdom-Servil-James-WHATCH 650

[ Serval cat spotted and photographed by James // wildlife spotting ]

James knows more wildlife facts that anyone I know.  Did you know that 2.5 million East African Lesser Flamingos breed at Lake Natron in Tanzania?  Did you know that giraffes have the same number of vertebrae as humans and that their front legs are longer than their back legs?  Neither did I until James told me.

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We enjoyed the warm weather, ever aware of the fact that in a few hours we would hop on a plane back to chilly temperatures at home.  We strolled around admiring the animals and learning wildlife trivia from James.  It was a great end to a fantastic weekend.

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