NOTES FROM HOME [quick jaunt]

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


There is something really great about a quick trip.  I’m arriving home from a 36 hour jaunt and while at the outset it can seem silly to spend such a high proportion of time in transit, it can be oh so worthwhile.  Maybe it’s the quick change of scenery that provides a new perspective or maybe it’s the warmer temperatures and a few minutes poolside that provide a much needed antidote to winter, but whatever it is I like it.

It’s similar to the feeling of coming back home after a much needed run.  Things feel a bit roomier.  There is space to navigate the situation in front of you; a situation that prior to the run had perhaps felt cramped or tense.  There is perspective.  Go out, then come back and things look just the tiniest bit different than they did when you left. And, sometimes it’s this small shift in point of view that makes all the difference.  Or, maybe when you come back things look exactly the same, but stepping out for a moment has provided the patience necessary to continue to stay put or the head space required to find gratitude for things being just the way they are.

Here’s to finding more opportunities to go out and, if possible, to being barefoot in February.


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