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Just before Christmas I popped down to Honduras for a few days and then made a return visit last week.  I was there for about a week and the trip was a lovely respite from winter.  There are few things to know when visiting Honduras:

First, the takeoff and landing.  Tegucigalpa is situated in the mountains and thus the pilot must do a bit of maneuvering to get the plane landed safely on the runway.  I am not an uneasy passenger, but will admit that the descent is quite alarming — especially as the jet nearly skims roof tops and light poles just before landing on one of the shortest commercial runways in the world.  As far as airports are concerned, TGU holds several impressive superlatives including “most dangerous” and “most thrilling” in the world.  Nervous flyers, be forewarned.

Second, I ate my weight in anafre.  Should you find yourself in Honduras, I suggest that you do the same.  Anafre is a molten bowl of beans and cheese served in a fancy clay pot that holds hot coals — sort of like Honduran fondue.  This is a traditional appetizer that is universally available even if not listed on a restaurant’s menu and I took it upon myself to try the anafre at nearly every restaurant I visited.   This one was particularly nice.

Third, if you are looking for a hotel in Tegucigalpa, try the Honduras Maya hotel.  The views are gorgeous, the ceviche is delicious and the beds are cozy.


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